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HBE Photo Shoot

Earlier this year I decided to produce a ‘behind the scenes’ video for an eyewear fashion photo shoot.  My first thought was to use a scenic venue like WoodwardPark or the DresserMansion.  I then stumbled upon a photography studio in downtown Tulsa in a sixty year old building with perhaps as much history as Hicks Brunson Eyewear.  What a perfect fit. I wanted to do more than just show what happens at a fashion photo shoot.  I wanted to tell our story.  It is the story of a Tulsa tradition that began in 1929 and continues today. In 1929 my Great Grandfather Hicks G. Brunson came to Tulsa to open an optical dispensary for American Optical Co.  He chose an...

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Daniel Brunson

The Art & Science Of Eyewear

I am passionate about art and science.  I see the optical industry as this nice harmony between those two forces.  On one side you have the eyewear design aspect, which allows for free flowing creativity among artists.  As a designer you also have to understand the other side.  The other side is filled with opticians fitting lenses into your frames and then subsequently fitting your frames onto their client’s faces.  It is that second part that makes eyewear a very technical product.  It is one thing to make beautiful art, but it takes a very different set of skills to combine something beautiful with something as scientifically functional as a set of prescription lenses.  The designer and the optician each...

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