Face A Face - Bocca Chic 1 – Hicks Brunson Eyewear
Face A Face Bocca Chic 1 Eyeglasses
Face A Face Bocca Chic 1 Eyeglasses

Face A Face - Bocca Chic 1

$ 625.00


This titanium and zyl cat-eye design is from the Bocca collection by Face A Face.

The right shape helps to improve and to harmonize human relationships. Relying on this statement, Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth created Face à Face in 1995.  To embellish every day life. To contribute to the personal well-being. To catch the trends of the present time. Such is the Face à Face spirit.  The various collections of eyewear and jewelry are designed along the themes of architecture, contemporary design and international fashion.  Like subtle little pieces of architecture, Face à Face frames surpass their function and enter into the sculptural dimension of the object. Even further: into the times of presences, encounters, exchanges..gazing into each others eyes.