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Gunnar - Cruz Kids Small

$ 29.99

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  • Amber 65% Filters 65% of Blue Light at 450 Nanometers*

  • Clear 35% Filters 35% of Blue Light at 450 Nanometers*

How Blue Light Filtering Works: The listed percentage (35% or 65% in this particular frame) is the amount of Blue Light that is blocked by the lens. The higher the percentage, the better it protects your eyes. The amount of yellow in the lens also corresponds to the amount of blue light blocked by the lens, with a higher percentage meaning more yellow/amber coloring. The Clear 35% and Amber 65% options are best for wearing indoors while on computers, TVs, and phone screens.

Measurements: 47 eye size , 14 bridge size

Protect your kid’s eyes in the digital age with Cruz Kids, a new line of protective glasses from GUNNAR, the leading experts in blue light blocking technology. Designed with a durable nylon frame and complete with smudge resistant lenses that come in both Clear (blocks 35% blue light) and Amber (blocks 65% blue light) tint options, these glasses are clinically proven and doctor recommended. Your kid’s eyes couldn’t be in safer hands.

*450 nanometers is the peak point at which LED and digital devices emit blue light.

Frame features:

  • Durable nylon frame material
  • Hingeless design for extreme flexibility
  • Smudge resistant lens coatings
  • Blocks harmful blue light and 100% UV light
  • Curved nose rest for even weight distribution
  • Comes with protective glasses case

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