Tim Gunn Talks Eyewear Trends

In this short video fashion expert Tim Gunn takes us through what he calls the frame game.  He shows us five frame trends to help get you started on updating your frame wardrobe.  I have included an example of each frame trend from the Hicks Brunson Eyewear catalogue.  I agree with Tim that adding Transitions lenses to any of these frames is a no brainer.  They offer function and fashion so you will always look and feel your best.     


Modern Round  This frame has been gaining popularity over the last few years, and according to Tim they are here to stay.  I quite agree.  

The Masunaga 048 in tortoise shell is a great example of a modern round.  

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Vintage Square A classic frame with a timeless appeal.  It will compliment almost any look.

Tom Davies LE 47607 is a great vintage square shape.  

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The Brow Line  This frame emphasizes the brow, and makes a nice choice for those of you like me who have very little color to your eyebrows.  

The Zero G Sands Point is a nice brow line frame.  

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Shades of Blue  Navy and aquas colors were quite popular at the last fashion week.  

Face A Face Shade 2 is perfect example of this trend.  

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Woodgrain finish  These frame have a natural coloring and are made of sustainable materials.  My favorite example of frames in the category are frames made of buffalo horn.  The Tom Davies horn collection 

The Tom Davies TD010 is made of exotic buffalo horn.

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