Hicks Brunson Eyewear

Nose Pad Service

$ 110

Custom nose pad arms can be added to almost any plastic frame.  

We take the time necessary to properly modify your frame for titanium nose pad arms to be added. Including shipping to and from your address, the total time you will be without your glasses should be no more than 8-10 days on average.

We only use high quality titanium screw lock pad arms so your nose pads will not easily fall off.

We also use titanium nose pads (silicone pads available upon request)

Our work is warranted for one year from purchase date.  

This service is for U.S. customers only  

Step 1: Purchase a nose pad service for however many frames you would like nose pads to be added to.

Step 2: Print your order confirmation

Step 3: Package your frame(s) in an appropriate box, and include a copy of your order confirmation inside the box.

Step 4: (optional*): Send a selfie of you wearing the glasses to youreyes@hicksbrunson.com

Step 5: Ship the frame(s) to the following address:

2020 Utica Square

Tulsa, OK 74114

We will provide return shipping to you once your order is complete

*This will help our technician ensure that you get the best fit.

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