Tom Davies Design School

I traveled to Dallas to participate in a Tom Davies super design school.  Much of what I learned was a great refresher from what we have been doing for several years, which is custom designing frames for our customers.  The Tom Davies Couture service allows us to take millimeter perfect measurements of our customer's head dimensions, select colors that complement their natural coloring, and then design a frame exclusively for them Tom spent a little time explaining that getting a good bridge fit  on a nose is the most complicated part of frame fitting, which is something that opticians everywhere can attest to.  Tom then gave an in-depth lesson on using his fitting templates.  These fitting templates allow us to make any frame style fit a nose perfectly.   Another very important feature of using the fitting templates is that they allow us to take a measurement called 'length-to-bend,' which is the distance from the frame front to the bending point of the temple directly above the ears.  Once these measurements are applied to the frame style that the wearer has chosen, the result is a frame that fits properly on the nose and complements bone structure and facial features.  

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