Varilux S Series Digital Progressive Lenses

With it's cutting edge design, unique manufacturing process, and innovative technology, Varilux S Series lenses offer improved retinal image matching, Never before achieved stability in motion, spatial perception and faster visual reaction time. The Varilux S Series lenses were ranked #1 on every lens feature by real patients in independent studies.

Three groundbreaking technologies underlie the extraordinary benefits of new Varilux S Series lenses:

-Nanoptix Technology: A breakthrough technology that virtually eliminates "swim" (a progressive lens' tendency to distort vision and cause unnatural movement of objects around the periphery when viewing through the reading zone of the lens) when compared to other premium progressive lenses. -SychronEyes Technology: A powerful, innovative technology that integrates prescription data from both eyes into each lens, optimizing binocular visual fields and giving wearers expansive vision. -4D Technology: A revolution in lens personalization that enhances overall visual response times by ensuring the sharpest vision in the leading dominant eye. Outer sections of the lower half of progressive lenses are normally blurred to focus the center for reading correction on a standard progressive design but Varilux S Series eliminates this effect and creates a clear periphery:

Creation of a digital progressive lens is achieved by computer operation of a miniature diamond lathe, which allows your prescription lenses to be far more accurate and tailored to your specific needs than a traditional progressive:

 Ask us about the new Varilux S Series when you come in for your next pair of glasses!  

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