Tom Cody Interview

I had the pleasure of hosting my friend Tom Cody, founder and designer of Zero G Eyewear, at the store on Friday.  He made the trip from California to show us some of the new frames he has designed.  I will have more on those designs as they become available, but my purpose today is to write about my on camera interview that I produced while Tom was visiting with us at Hicks Brunson Eyewear.  The video will be available to view in the coming weeks, and is part of my project to introduce you to the people behind the eyewear that you will find at HBE. I asked Tom about his unique hinge design, because I have been amazed working with it for over four years now since in my experience it never loosens or comes apart.  He explained that it was modeled after a door hinge, and that it is the only hinge on the market that is guaranteed not to come apart.  He has used a ribbed stainless steel spindle where a screw is used in most hinges.  Tom then demonstrated the way in which the hinge is taken apart so lenses can be mounted with the pin and block tools he designed. [caption id="attachment_14938" align="aligncenter" width="502"]IMG_4933 Behind the scenes as the video crew from Signal Factory gets set up[/caption] We went on to discuss the evolution of Zero G over the years.  I told him that I remember the early styles being very minimalistic, but that more recently it seems he has introduced more combination acetate and titanium styles like the Sands Point and Kings Point.  Those styles seem to draw inspiration from the clubman styles of the 50's and 60's, but they blend perfectly with the modern flat sheet titanium look of Zero G.  I feel it is a beautiful harmony of old and new and that is why I love Zero G. I will discuss some of the new styles at a later time, but let me just say that I am excited because Tom has introduced full acetate fronts with the brilliant Zero G hinge.  The colors are amazing and the styles are timeless classics staying true to the design philosophy of Zero G. With new Zero G styles by Tom Cody and many of our other great collections at Hicks Brunson Eyewear we are poised to deliver a wallop of creative new designs in 2015.  


Agreed. Tom is a class act and a skilled artisan.

Daniel Brunson February 25, 2016

Tom Cody is such a nice guy. It’s great to be able to talk to the creator of an eyewear collection, especially a collection that is so cool.

Derek Brunson February 25, 2016

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