4 Tips For Picking Out Bespoke Eyewear

Tom Davies Bespoke Hicks Brunson Eyewear


Let Your Optician Get To Know You First it is important to determine if your new glasses will be worn for a fun and casual setting or for a more formal business environment.  Then we need to establish what kinds of things you liked and did not like about your last pair of glasses, and what your optical requirements are.  Was your last frame heavy and always slipping down your nose?  Was the color of the frame too bold or just right for your personality?

Choose The Right Color and Shape It is important that the color and shape of your frame not only compliment your natural coloring and face shape, but also enhance your personality.  As an example for women cat-eye frames are playful and fun while aviator frames can be sporty and sexy.  For color we will choose from 30 different colors and make suggestions.  Ultimately it will come down to choosing one that balances your personality with how you want to present yourself.

Get The Right Fit Once we have selected the right frame we can begin working on the fit.  Detailed measurements will be taken of the bridge of your nose and the positioning of your ears.  It is important that the temples be perfectly sculpted around your ears and are set to the proper width of your head.  Your bespoke optician will make suggestions based on your past experience with eyewear to get the proper temple fit for you.

The Final Design Once we have all the measurements and colors chosen we will make small changes to the shape and size to create a frame that is perfect for you.  For the best optical performance we will then make custom digital lenses for your custom frame.


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