Mod Photo Shoot

On Friday I had the pleasure of producing the latest Hicks Brunson Eyewear photo shoot.  I went with a mod theme with a heavy 1960's fashion influence.  The eyewear selection is going to be rich in cat-eye and large round shapes for women.  For men I am using some small round shapes as well as some thick angular acetates. The most prominently featured frames from this shoot will probably end up being from the Face A Face collection.  The reason is that they have so many amazing colors that just photograph so well, and their new Bocca styles have a ton of great cat eye shapes which fit perfectly with my mod theme.  I also featured eyewear from Tom Davies, Zero G, Leisure Society, and Masunaga that I am very excited about. I could not have made this happen without the talented team of Jamil, Jade, and John Gotcher.  Jamil and John skillfully handled the photography while Jade took care of styling the models in hair, makeup, and wardrobe selection.  Part of the wardrobe was provided by Miss Jackson's and included designers such as MILLY and BCBG. I am excited to go through all the photographs that Jamil took because I am just sure there will be a boat load of gems in there.

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