Bocca Sexy 2 by Face A Face Review


For the month of February I thought that I would keep the love theme going, which is exactly why I chose the Bocca Sexy by Face A Face as my frame of the week.  The luxurious red color just radiates all that is fun and romantic about the holiday of love.  And let’s face it gentleman, this holiday is mostly for the ladies so I think we can take some time to really focus on women’s frames for a bit.

Bocca Sexy is made in the traditional Bocca style with temples that resemble ladies legs wearing stiletto heels. For eyewear it really just doesn’t get any sexier than that now does it?  There are some great colorways happening here too.  The front third of the temple is a crystal acetate color that has shooting red and black lines running through it.  This is a Face A Face crafting concept known as ‘lines and light’.  I asked Pascal Jaulent, Art Director for Face A Face, via email about his creation and he wrote:

"The structure that I called 'lines and light' is completely exclusive and has been inspired from specific venetian Murano glassware... 

It features an interlacing of lines of 2 colours into a crystal clear structure. The production method is the original bloc structure made in the italian factory of Mazzuchelli.  I developed it with Mazzuchelli several years ago and added new colour combinations over the time."

This ability to work so well with color is perhaps my favorite feature of Face A Face eyewear, and what I would consider to be one of their biggest strengths as a design house.  They create dreamy colors that look beautiful on women.  Their men’s frames are quite handsome as well, but I will save that for another time.

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