Akashi by Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona Akashi blue Aviator nanoflex

The aviator is a classic to be sure, but what has Etnia done with this great shape of the ages?  The shape that was originally designed for our grandfathers and great-grandfathers to wear in fighter planes.  They did what they always do.  They splashed some color on it. Ok, they splashed a lot of color on it.  When I count up all the blue frames I own it is safe to say that blue is my favorite color in eyewear, but it is also safe to say I have nothing like this.  Perhaps that is why I had so much fun on this shoot.  It's hard not to smile while wearing a color so vibrant as this.    

Etnia Barcelona Akashi blue Aviator nanoflex

It's not just the color, but the construction of this frame is particularly interesting because it is a combination of acetate and metal.  The designers in Spain, where Etnia Barcelona originates, utilized their nano-flex metal core material in the front and temples.  This makes it super light weight and comfy to wear, while simultaneously creating a big and bold look.      

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Etnia Barcelona Akashi blue Aviator nanoflex

Etnia Barcelona Akashi clear gold Aviator nanoflex

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