Be Bold. Be You.

Face A Face Alium Fit 6 Aluminum Metal Eyeglasses
Be bold.  Be you in this amazing oversized red frame by Face A Face.  Readers of this blog know that I have raved in the past about the use of aluminum for an eyeglass frame.  I have spoken with eyewear designer Pascal Jaulent about his choice of aluminum.  You can view our conversation where I caught up with him in New York at International Vision Expo in the video at the bottom of this post.  When talking about aluminum, he exclaimed that it is twice as light as titanium, which makes this material such a nice one to work with.  
As an optician, I have noticed that it is such a pleasure to work with.  If you fall asleep in your glasses, or roll over on them, or get punched in the face and the metal gets bent out of shape, it is quite easily able to be bent back to its original form.  Aluminum is so malleable.  Be careful though, as your face is not as easy to bend back in shape..hehe.  
I also love how it can be made in such a variety to bright colors.  So have some fun and dive in to this unique collection and let your personality shine.     
Face A Face Alium

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