Bianca by Sama Eyewear and Transitions Lenses

Hicks Brunson Eyewear Sama Eyewear Bianca White Transitions Lenses

Michelle loves her new Sama Bianca eyeglasses with Transitions lenses!

Today's featured frame is a pair of sunnies called Bianca by Sama Eyewear. We decided to turn them into a truly unique look by making them up with Transitions lenses. This allows them to be worn indoors or out, and changes this trendy thin metal style into a killer fashion statement.

Transitions lenses are super-convenient because they adjust to the light in your environment while keeping your eyes protected and you looking great. They also protect your eyes from harmful blue-light, which not only comes from direct sunlight, but most TVs, phones, and tablets.

If you're looking for more eyewear fashion tips on pairing different kinds of lenses with different frames; we've got lots of ideas, so visit us at our store in Utica Square and we are happy to help!

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