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We’ve been getting more and more requests for lenses that block Blue light and we wanted to go over some of the solutions we offer. 

So what is the problem with blue light? 

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum between 400 and 500 nanometers.  The sun is the worst offender and can potentially harm the retina.  The rest of the time we are surrounded by digital devices and LED lighting in our homes that can lead to eyestrain, problems sleeping, headaches, and migraines. 

When spending time outdoors, it is important to wear sunglasses or lenses that automatically darken such as Transitions lenses.  These will provide the best protection from the sun. 

Transitions XTRActive Brown Lenses

Transitions XTRActive Brown lens as worn outdoors 1 hour after sunrise 

When spending time indoors working on computers and looking at phones and tablets, we have a variety of blue light lenses to help protect your eyes.  

What are some blue light solutions? 

Where we go from here depends on whether or not your need a prescription blue light glasses, or if you just need ready made reading glasses.  If you need blue light glasses in your prescription we offer BluTech prescription lenses.  If you are looking for ready made reading glasses, or non-prescription glasses to wear when looking at screens, then skip down to the next section below BluTech.  

  • BluTech Lenses   For those of you who wear prescription, we offer BluTech lenses.  The BlueTech Classic lens blocks 46% of digital blue light at 455 nanometers, which is the peak point at which LED screens on digital devices emit blue light and cause the most eye strain.  These lenses block 76% of harmful blue light in the 400 to 460 nanometer range, which is the range in which blue light can potentially do irreversible retinal damage. BluTech lenses are clinically proven to regulate the body’s natural melatonin when used three hours before bedtime, which can help improve sleep quality. (Ryan Hoang Van et al 2017)  BluTech lenses have a very slight amber brown color, and are available in prescription in Single Vision, Bifocal, Computer, and Progressive lens designs.   

BluTech Prescription Lenses in Face A Face Frame

BluTech Classic Lens for Prescription 

BluTech lenses for computer blue light glasses

Wearing BluTech Classic Lenses Working at Computer

If you are looking for blue light reading glasses with virtually clear lenses, then consider eyeOs eyewear.  

  • eyeOs eyewear   This collection features high quality frames with BlueBuster lenses. These lenses have a glare free coating, and are available in no power, ready made reading glasses powers, or in your prescription.  The nice thing about BlueBuster lenses is that these Blue light lenses are mostly clear and they block 100% of blue light at 400 nanometers.  So if you are looking for a virtually clear lens that still blocks blue light, then eyeOs BlueBuster lenses make a nice choice.  These lenses are good for anyone who wants a blue light lens that is virtually clear and does not visibly change the color of what you are viewing.      

Shop all eyeOs eyewear here

eyeOs Headmaster Tokyo Tortoise Shell Reading Glasses

eyeOs Headmaster Blue Light Reading Glasses 


Another great solution for those who wear prescription glasses is to have a custom clip-on made that has a blue light lens.  We have two great options below.  One is for day time use and one is for night time use.   

  • E-Clips Custom Blue Light Clipons  If you want to make a custom clip that fits over your glasses that has blue light protection we have the BlueLogic Glare Guard for use during the day, and Blue Logic Sleep Protect for use at night to wear before going to sleep.   

e Clips Blue Logic Glare Guard Blue Light Day Time Clip-On Glasses

e Clips Blue Logic Glare Guard Blue Light Day Time Clip-On Glasses

 e Clips Blue Logic Sleep Protect Clip-On Glasses

e Clips Blue Logic Sleep Protect Clip-On Glasses

There are many benefits to wearing blue light glasses like reducing eye strain and headaches and also improving your sleep quality.  If you are interested in blue light glasses for you or your kids, please call us or drop by the store.  Our opticians are standing by to discuss the many options we can provide.

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