Bocca Lova by Face A Face

Can you say meow?  You can say it with your eyes with this cute cat-eye from Face A Face.  Introducing Bocca Lova, a frame that is part of the sexy and fun Bocca collection from our friends at French design house Face A Face. 

There are a variety of colors to suit your coloring like red, emerald, and that always easy tortoise.  With this shape you will make a bold statement in any color, but put on that emerald or red and you will be the star of the party. 

The red frame features my favorite color technique from Face A Face.  If you look at the temples they look a little like Italian Murano glass.  Designer Pascal Jaulent worked with the Italian factory of Mazzuchelli where the colorways are made to create this exclusive color for Face A Face.  I had a chance to ask him how it came to about and he said, "The structure that I called 'lines and light' is completely exclusive and has been inspired from specific venetian Murano glassware.”

If you look a little closer at the temples themselves, each Bocca frame features temples modeled after ladies legs complete to the stiletto heal on the feet.  Face A Face is known for art and architecture, and this collection exemplifies that quite nicely.    

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