Born in Brooklyn by Zero G

Born in Brooklyn by Zero G is one of the great aviator shapes of our time.  It’s not a true tear drop aviator the likes of which General MacArthur would have worn, and it’s also not a navigator shape.  For those of you wondering, the navigator is a cousin of the aviator characterized by its more squared off or rectangular shape that still typically features a double bridge bar. 

Hicks Brunson Eyewear Zero G Born In Brooklyn Charcoal Gun Sunglasses Model

Born in Brooklyn is a nice modern aviator design that will flatter most face shapes.  It is a little edgy, quite modern, and damn cool looking.  I am wearing the Charcoal Gun color with the gradient grey lenses.  The lens color fades from a nice outdoor grey to clear in the bottom third.  This is nice because it not only enhances the stylish look, but it allows your eyes to drop down and easily read something, whether you are sitting in your parked car or under an umbrella at the beach. 

As for comfort these will feel just as good after three hours as they do when you first put them on.  The secret is in the design that is inherent throughout the Zero G collection.  These frames are made by laser cutting the shape from flat sheet surgical grade titanium, and then they are assembled without the use of any weld points or screws.  Now why is that important?  It means they are extremely durable and comfortable.  There is also a counterbalance weight in the temple tips that keeps the weight of the frame off the bridge of the nose.  It is for this reason that Zero G frames are among the most comfortable frames to wear in all of eyewear.

Designer Tom Cody created the hinge to function in a way that is similar to how a door hinge operates.  A stainless-steel spindle is used instead of a screw.  It is the only hinge I am aware of that is guaranteed never to loosen or come apart. 

For those of you who have the skin tones that are flattered by gold, there is a brand new shiny gold color available.  It is a beautiful, highly polished finish.  I spoke to Yoshi Saito with Masunaga Optical, which is the factory in Fukui, Japan where Zero G frames are made.  He explained that for a shiny gold finish to look as flawless as this one, it requires about three times the amount of time in the polishing phase as other colors take.  It is for this reason that production is limited to a smaller number of frames. 

As for me, I think the gold color is super sharp looking, but when it comes to my skin coloring I am a summer color tone and gold does not flatter my coloring as much as silver and grey.  It is for that reason I chose the Charcoal Gun color for myself. 

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