HBE TV: Colorful Eyewear for Men

On this edition of HBE TV, Daniel and Derek will show you a selection of colorful men's eyewear currently available at our store. Join the eyewear color revolution!

Most frames available at www.HicksBrunson.com. See below for links in the order that they appear in the video.

Music: Endless Motion from BenSound.com

Phone: 918-743-6478

Email: youreyes@hicksbrunson.com

Kirk & Kirk - Ray

Kirk & Kirk - Percy

Face A Face - Keith 1

Etnia Barcelona - Ontario

Kirk & Kirk - Neville

Kirk & Kirk - Percy

Face A Face - Picca 1

Kirk & Kirk - Carey

Etnia Barcelona - Akihabara

Tom Davies - TD 449

Tom Davies - TD 510

Tom Davies - Bespoke Blue Frame

Kirk & Kirk - Victor

Kirk & Kirk - Gene

Face A Face - Picca 2

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