Gowanus by Born In Brooklyn Spectacle Co.

Born In Brooklyn Gowanus thick plastic frame whisky

The latest collection to land at Hicks Brunson Eyewear is full of rich, thick acetate shapes, and sports a seven-barrel titanium hinge that was designed by Tom Cody to look like the Brooklyn Bridge.  Allow me to introduce the Gowanus frame by the Born In Brooklyn Spectacle Company. 

The Gowanus frame is named after a hipster neighborhood in Brooklyn filled with studios, art galleries, trendy bars, and funky music venues.  The look of this frame totally gives me that jazzy, hip hop musician vibe.  I mean, this is exactly the thick and chunky look that someone like Questlove from the Roots would be seen wearing.  

What’s that saying?  Go big or go home.  When you are looking for a statement maker, and a design that will kick up the cool factor several degrees then look no further than this frame right here.  And if you’re wondering about quality, I can assure you these are top shelf.  They are made by Masunaga Optical in Japan.  I have written extensively about why Masunaga is the best in previous posts, but let's suffice it to say here that the quality of their hand-crafted acetate and titanium eyewear can’t be beat. 

Born In Brooklyn - Eyeglasses - Brooklyn Bridge

You can check out the Gowanus and the rest of the Born In Brooklyn collection at our Utica Square store or online here now.

Shop the Born In Brooklyn collection online here

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