La Jolla by Zero G

It’s no secret that one of my favorite collections of eyewear on the planet is Zero G.  The collection has always really been strong in several key areas.  It is a very a clean look that is lightweight, durable, and made to be worn.

With the last few releases designer Tom Cody has branched out into some fantastically fun new colors for women.  My favorite example of this is in the La Jolla style.  This shape is quite flattering on women.  It has that slight uplift without being a full blown cat-eye, but these colors are big story here. 

In the picture Jennifer is wearing the Blue Sky color.  The blue on the front was layered on top of a light creamy white horn color that has the appearance of white fluffy clouds, hence the name blue sky.  Since bright colors are trending, this is one you won’t want to miss to add that pop of color to your eyewear wardrobe.  And when you wear these out to dinner everyone at the restaurant will notice your striking eyewear  

If blue is not your color, don’t worry there are other options.  Choose from purple granite or red demi tortoise.  The deep red is very rich and it has been layered on top of a natural tortoise, so the tortoise element is really an undertone. 

This is such an easy to wear shape and one in which you can really express your personality through the variety of fun colors.  Featuring hand crafted Japanese acetate with the signature Zero G unique titanium hinge, the quality is top notch too.  

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