Masunaga 056 Channels Roger Sterling

This week I am reviewing the Masunaga 056.  I love the colors, I love the shape, and I love the fit.  I love that whole 1960's Mad Men vibe that I feel when wearing this frame.  In fact I feel just like Roger Sterling while wearing them, but without all the smoking and the drinking. It just doesn't fit with my marathoning lifestyle, but it looks quite glamorous in a nostalgic sort of way.

In fact I got the opportunity to meet John Slattery, who plays the role of Roger Sterling on Mad Men, while in New York two years ago.  I was walking the streets of SoHo, and I popped inside a Morgenthal Frederics store to take a look and there he was shopping for some new specs, but I digress.

Masunaga is a very well established Japanese eyewear company that dates back to 1905. Traditionally their acetate frames are thicker and generally a little on the heavier side, but many of the frames in the new line for 2016 feature a much thinner front as well as thinner temples.  This evolution in design means they will be welcomed by many of you who prefer a thinner and lighter fit.  You will find some of these to be quite comfortable.    

I like the lighter tortoise shell color on myself, but many of you will love the matte black.  If you have Roger Sterling's look, the matte black will suit you quite nicely.  

John Slattery - Mad Men - AMCJohn Slattery - Image Credit: AMC

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