Masunaga 063 Sunglass

Masunaga 063 color 54 acetate frame with keyhole bridge plastic frame

The latest object of fascination for me is the Masunaga 063 sunglass.  This model is available in three colors, and I am totally digging the crystal smoke color.  The gold titanium core, which is visible beneath the acetate temple is so rich looking.  Because of the crystal smoke color you can really see the coining and fine engraving work on the gold metal inside.  The lenses are tinted a gradient grey color and have an added silver mirror for a dash of mystique. 

Masunaga - 063 - S54 - Sunglasses - Front

Masunaga - 063 - S54 - Sunglasses - Side Detail

With this combination of style and colors you will feel like an international man (or woman) of mystery.  

Masunaga - 063 - S13 - Sunglasses - Side

Masunaga - 063 - S49 - Sunglasses - Side

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