Masunaga Lex

New Masunaga frames have arrived from market, and these new titanium pieces are incredible.  The range includes a series of thin metals and combination pieces for men and women.  These new pieces are an extension of the previous Masunaga release with frames named after iconic architects and fashion designers from the 1920's.  I would describe these pieces as being elegant, timeless, and sophisticated.  The black and gold finishes are highly polished and flawless, which is just as we have come to expect from the craftsmen in at Masunaga Optical in Fukui, Japan.  

In the picture I am wearing Lex, which is the embodiment of simplicity in eyewear design.

Masunaga Lex Eyeglasses Blog Hicks Brunson Eyewear

Masunaga Lex Eyeglasses Blog Hicks Brunson Eyewear   

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