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Masunaga Takes Art Deco Inspiration

The new Masunaga titanium collection demonstrates style and true craftsmanship, and was inspired by the Art Deco scene of the 1920’s.  In a fun departure from the company’s standard of using model numbers for their frames these new frames are named after fashion icons and famous architects.  

Today I am reviewing the new optical frames NY Life and Coco, and the new sunglass frame Van Alen (pictured right).  Van Alen was named for the architect who designed the Chrysler Building.  Coco was named for fashion icon Coco Chanel, and NY Life for the thriving architecture and fashion scenes of the 1920’s     

NY Life and Van Alen (pictured below) are both brow-line frames for men and and they are all metal.  They are a bit different from the popular designs from the 50’s and 60’s that were rimmed with thick acetate along the browline.  There were some women’s frames back then that were made of all metal, but men usually sported the thicker plastic look sometimes referred to as horn rimmed.

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The all titanium NY Life (pictured below) is perfect for wearing with a suit to really complete your board room look.  When you step out to lunch you can switch to the all metal counterpart frame the Van Alen.  The dark greys and gunmetals will go well with that nice silver watch, or you can pair the brown and gold with your gold accessories.

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For women the Coco (pictured below) was designed to harken back to the style of the roaring 20’s, but the round shape happens to be trending for women in our current times.  The polished gold paired with black acetate rims will look stunning in your evening gown.

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