Tom Davies TD687 | T.S. Eliot Vibes

The latest drop from Tom Davies is here and this piece is one of my favorites. The brow is quite flat, but then the overall shape is more round. The color is a polished crystal denim blue with a polished navy hinge lug and titanium core wire. This shape works well with face shapes that are angular or square.

Daniel Brunson Tom Davies TD687

I blogged about a similar shape way back in 2017, that I dubbed the T.S. Eliot look. The frame I was writing about back then was much smaller and had a thinner silhouette, which was more true to the look worn by the famous writer. This one though is definitely giving me those T.S. Eliot vibes.

T.S. Eliot was highly distinguished as a poet, a literary critic, a dramatist, an editor, and a publisher.  One of his most notable works in the poem 'The Wasteland.'  

Tom Davies TD687 Matte Denim Blue

Frame: Tom Davies TD687
Color: Polished Crystal Denim Blue
Uses: Dress or casual wear

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