Transitions Style Mirrors

Daniel and Derek talk about Transitions lenses, as well as the new Transitions 'Style Mirrors' option, and discuss the pros and cons of adding those options to your eyewear.

Transitions Style Mirrors are made using Transitions XTRActive lens technology. XTRActive is the darkest Transitions lens available, will darken more outdoors in warm weather than Signature Transitions lenses, and will also darken some behind the windshield.

There are some great colors available, both in Transitions tints and Style Mirrors options. We like to pair Blue, Green, and Silver Shadow mirrors with Grey Transitions. And Pink, Red, and Gold mirrors with Brown Transitions.

Some Pros to Consider: The mirrors are a great way to show your style and create a unique look for your eyewear. They also darken behind the windshield and get very dark in warmer weather.

Some Cons to Consider: They tend to take a little longer to fade back to clear than Transitions Signature lenses. The mirror also is mostly invisible while the lens is in clear state, however some of the mirror colors (silver, in-particular) will reflect bright overhead lights, similar to a lens lacking an anti-glare coating.

If it's time for you to get new glasses, then consider a pair with Transitions Style Mirrors.

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