Video: Do You Need a Backside Anti-Reflective Coating On Your Sunglasses

 Have you ever wondered if you need an anti-reflective coating on your sunglasses? Well, wonder no more! This advice I’m about to provide you will apply whether you are buying prescription sunglasses or shades off the shelf.

In the video below, optical guru Daniel Brunson reviews what you need to know before getting a backside anti-reflective coating on your sunglasses.

If you don’t like the video or want more information, continue reading.

Why put an anti-reflective coating on sunglasses?

You may already know the benefits of having it on clear glasses, but why put it on sunglasses? Well, a common problem with sunglasses is that they produce what is called “bounce-back” glare. This is light that bounces or reflects off the backside of the lenses into your eyes.

Unfortunately, bounce-back glare can be distracting at best, and visually impairing at worst. Also, the light that reflects off the backside of the lenses can include harmful UV.

Sunglasses without AR Glare Free coating on backside

To keep your eyes comfortable and to maintain great vision in the sun, you need a lens that does two things:

1. Reduces the amount of light and glare that passes through the front of the lenses.

2. Minimizes light, glare, and UV that can reflect off the back of the lenses.

In order to prevent or minimize all of that light, glare, and UV reflecting off the back of the lenses, you need a sunglass lens that has an anti-reflective coating on the backside.


sunglasses with backside AR coating

The benefits of a backside anti-reflective coating

Without an anti-reflective coating on the backside of your sunglasses, you will see many visually distracting reflections. They include but are not limited to, reflections of your eyes, eyelashes, the skin around your eyes, and even objects behind you.

When you have an anti-reflective coating on the backside of your sunglass lenses, these visually distracting reflections will be virtually eliminated. This will give you the comfort and clarity you need to experience the world in all its beauty.

Are you interested in sunglasses that will provide you with clear, comfortable vision? Ask your local eye care professional today for sunglasses with a backside anti-reflective coating.


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