Zero G Ventura

Zero G Ventura Acetate Plastic frame black tortoise matte finish

Today I am writing about a new Zero G frame called Ventura.  This is a frame that stylistically broke some new ground for the Zero G brand.  I have been a purveyor of fine eyewear for many years now, and my experience with Zero G goes back to 2010 about one year after the brand first launched.  In the early years the brand was known for a variety modern metal styles, although these styles were generally conservative in their overall look.  

A couple of years ago designer Tom Cody introduced a range of acetate frames into the Zero G collection.  Keeping with the generally conservative look and feel, these acetate frames have added a nice set of colors to the Zero G pallet.  Just recently designer Tom Cody made a special appearance in Tulsa to do an event with us at Hicks Brunson Eyewear.  When he was here he showed me some new Zero G designs, including this new frame which I already mentioned.  It is called Ventura.  

The top rim of the Ventura is quite a bit thicker than the bottom rim, and quite a bit thicker than anything in the Zero G collection.  It is a nice frame if you're looking to bring a bit more boldness to the brow line.  I love this look especially since my eyebrows don't show up that well on their own.  Although it is thicker, it is still as light as a feather as it fits on the nose and behind the ears.  As the name Zero G for Zero Gravity indicates weightlessness, the Zero G collection is known for a comfortable fit.  The Ventura does not betray this attribute.  

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