The Best Reading Glasses, Bar None!

eyeOs is the most exciting line of cool reading glasses that’s just too cool for Granny and too good to call readers. The Collection features fun and vibrant colors in cool shapes and edgy retro styles.


The ‘O’ in eyeOs represents the circle which is the universal symbol of perfection as well as the circle of life encompassing the past, present and the future. eyeOs premium readers, embodies the perfection and timelessness of the circle; with reading comfort and quality always at the core. Inspired by the past the retro design reflects the present with edgy current touches that will still rock in the future with the collection's timeless design. eyeOs was designed with the passion to create quality and beautiful eyewear.

Combining meticulous craftsmanship, premium components and advanced lens technology for unprecedented quality in distinctive reading eyewear. The market is demanding a much higher quality reading eyewear. eyeOs are responding to that need with the quality and style that it demands.

The collection is made utilizing Mazzucchelli zyl and produced from cotton with color pigments from vegetables and minerals. The frames are fitted with Hex-O-Tech lenses, which feature advanced optical design and coatings for increased comfort, acuity and convenience in reading eyewear. Hex-O-Tech single vision lenses are aspheric to reduce distortion while Hex-O-Tech dual vision is photochromic for comfort in reading indoors and outdoors. All eyeOs lenses provide electromagnetic interference protection from electronics to reduce eye fatigue from computer screens and tablets. All eyeOs lenses have super AR, SRC, Anti-smudge and UV 400 protection.

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