The Kirk family have been pioneers in optics since Sidney and Percy Kirk opened their first London workshops in 1919.

They were innovators, not only in frame design but also in the way they ran the business. They created the first adjustable nosepiece, they were the first to deliver their product by motorbike, and they supported other manufacturers by aiding them in setting up their factories.

Three generations later, Jason and Karen Kirk continue this tradition in innovative and supportive eyewear.

Kirk & Kirk has developed their own acrylic for use in the construction of all their frames. Acrylic is an extremely durable and light material that, uniquely, does not lose adjustment or stretch out over time. A seemingly endless array of color is possible through acrylic that is not possible through acetate, the traditional material for eyewear.

Kirk & Kirk utilizes German five-barreled hinges in their frames, adding strength to the construction of the frame.

Comfort is added through integral nose pads: a large nose pad surface for even weight distribution around the bridge.

All frames are constructed from start to finish in one factory in France with frequent in-person quality control by Jason Kirk himself.

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