5 Tips On Picking Out The Right Sunglasses For Your Face

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The sun shines year round, and if you haven't updated your sunglasses in a while it is probably time to start thinking about doing so.  The team of eyewear stylists at Hicks Brunson Eyewear is happy to help you find the right pair.  To get you started see below for my five tips on picking out the right sunglasses for your face.  

1.) Start by answering the question, “What are my new sunglasses for?”

First you should decide what activities you will be doing with your new sunglasses.  Do you need them for casual summer fun?  Will you be wearing them while driving your car, or driving your golf ball down the fairway?  Do you need sunglasses for running and cycling, or for reading by the pool?  A sports frame will be made to fit and perform differently than a casual or dress frame.  Just like shoes you need different sunglasses for different activities.  We all need a sunglass wardrobe to suit our activities, outfits, and moods.       

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2.) How To Pick The Right Shape

In general, if your face is more square you want to go with shapes that are more rounded to soften those square lines of your face.   If you have more of a rounded face shape you generally want angular or square frame shapes to offset the roundness, but don’t get too caught up in your face shape.  What’s most important is how you feel when you try them on.  You want a look that makes you feel good, happy, and confident.  

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3.)   Choosing Lens Colors

This mostly comes down to personal preference.  You need to protect your eyes from UV light, and from harmful blue-violet light.  UV protection has nothing to do with lens darkness or color, and wearing sunglasses without UV protection is more damaging than not wearing sunglasses at all.  This is because your pupils will dilate behind the dark lenses letting in more of those harmful UV rays.  So, wear the lens color that you like best, just make sure it has 100% UV protection.  If you have developing cataracts, or are at risk for macular degeneration you should be careful about blue light exposure as well.  Some lens colors like amber are better at blocking the harmful blue-violet portion of the light spectrum.

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4.) Choosing The Frame Color

When it comes to the color don’t be afraid to accessorize a little.  Select a mirrored lens to compliment that new brightly colored summer dress you can’t wait to wear, or that new purse you just got.  Mirrors are available now in so many great colors like blue, purple, green, yellow, and red, and in nice classic colors like silver and gold.   

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5.) Get the proper fit.

No matter where you get your glasses, take them to an optician you can trust to have them properly fitted.  Your optician can also test them to make sure you have 100% UV protection.  

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