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Introducing Blac Carbon Fiber Eyewear

This week I am feeling the need for speed.  Inspired by his fascination with McLaren’s carbon-composite MP4-1 body that revolutionized Formula 1 racing in 1981, Claus Bellinger has created an amazing collection of eyewear called Blac.  The House of Bellinger has built the first all carbon fiber frame and received a U.S. patent for the adjustable design which incorporates a metal core inside the carbon fiber lamination.  The collection is called Blac because carbon fiber is black. Blac frames are also available in a range of 3D printed fronts called Blac+.  Using a new and exclusive polyamide material called PP22, these 3D printed frames incorporate the carbon fiber temples making them strong, light, and durable.  The raw finish of the PP22 material is bold and unique.  My personal favorite is the +45 sunglass model featured below with 3D printed mesh side shields.  Does it get any better? Watch the video to see how Blac carbon fiber frames are hand made from start to finish. I am very excited to welcome Blac eyewear to the house of Hicks Brunson Eyewear.   [caption id="attachment_12965" align="aligncenter" width="658"]+45 Blac Sun +45 in color black[/caption]

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