Introducing eyeOs Reading Glasses

This week I am excited to announce a new collection to the House of Hicks Brunson Eyewear called eyeOs.  These are some of the coolest and absolutely the best quality reading glasses around.  eyeOs was created and designed by Sam Kotob.  Sam created this collection to raise the bar in design sophistication in reading eyewear.   According to Sam, "When you are 40+ going on 30, you don't want to wear anything on your face that says 'Granny'. Hence eyeOs reflects the lifestyle of successful, confident people who seek out the better things in life." Built to last, the frames are made with five barrel riveted hinges and a beautiful 45 degree miter cut where the temple meets the frame font. All of the plastic frames are made from only the finest Mazzucchelli Zyl which contains cotton fiber and is colored with vegetable minerals.  The lenses [caption id="attachment_13308" align="alignright" width="453"]Sydney in Plum Sand Sydney in Plum Sand[/caption] feature a propietary Hex-O-Tech technology which provides an anti-reflective coating, a hyrdophobic coating, anti fatigue coating, UV 400 and a scratch coating. [caption id="attachment_13301" align="alignright" width="441"]Mason in Blue Mahogany Mason in Blue Mahogany[/caption] The collection features many classically inspired round, cat-eye, and P3 shapes that are fashionable and fun.  The color range features champagne, blue, tortoise shell, and many good gradients as well.  I think this collection overall is a little fun, a little trendy, and super sophisticated. [caption id="attachment_13302" align="alignright" width="448"]Oliver in Aqua Marine Dream Oliver in Aqua Marine Dream[/caption] Editors Picks:  For men or women I love the classically inspired Oliver with the keyhole bridge.  My favorite pick for women is Sydney, a flattering cat-eye shape that is beautiful in the plum sand color.  My favorite men's frame is Mason, which is confident, stylish, and charming.  See images below.

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