Frame Friday: 9/12/14 3D Printed Sunglasses by Blac

This week I'm checking out a sweet new pair of sunglasses in the Blac collection by Bellinger House. The frame is the +46 in red.  It has carbon fiber temples with Blac's distinctive hinge connecting to a 3D printed frame front, which is a rounded square design with integrated side-shields.  Set into the front is a pair of dark grey tinted lenses with a slick silver mirror on the front and a backside anti-glare coating. The 3D printed front section, available on many other styles in the Blac collection, is created using a polyamide material called PP22.  The material gives the frame a lightweight yet solid feel that can't be replicated with standard plastic.  It also gives the frame a differently awesome look, which is a major plus.  The red color is a very unique bright matte finish due to the printing process and contrasts nicely with the dark mirrored lenses. The Blac collection includes many other awesome styles and more are soon to follow, so stay tuned and enjoy the magnificence of a totally excellent collection. This frame is available on our webstore.  Click the following link to shop now, or just browse the Blac collection if you please. ShopNow-logo     Enough talking.  Check out the gallery below and be inspired! +46 front2 +46 side2 +46 front1 +46 side1 +46 derek1    

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