Silk Collection

We were among a select few optical stores to receive a new and highly exclusive collection by Maui Jim this week.  In a creative collaboration between Maui Jim designers and world renowned Maui artist Charlie Lyon, the silk collection has been born. Anyone who knows me knows of my love for the art and science of eyewear, so you shouldn’t be surprised that I am super excited about this new collection.  The original collection called 'You Move Me Crystal' displayed Charlie’s painting 'You Move Me' on Italian silk printings underneath a layer of crystal acetate on the frames.  So his art is literally embedded in each frame.  How cool is that!  His talent for realism in his paintings captures the beautiful colors of Hawaii, and now that art has been captured on the eyewear.  I love it. A second collection called 'You Move Me Prints' has also been created which displays the painting in printed form directly on the acetate.  This collection features two fantastic limited edition sunnies.  There is one frame for women and one for men.  The ladies frame features two colors.  One has a bright floral print on the outside and looks like the ocean on the inside.  For those who like a more conservative color, the other one looks like the deep blue ocean on the outside and has the floral print artwork on the inside.  The men’s style is a modified wayfarer that is black on the outside and has the floral print artwork on the inside.  The flowers featured are beautiful and bright plumeria and hibiscus. Maui-Jim-Silk-Print1 Lyon recently said, “The art I’ve created for these limited edition frames is a manifestation of my own Maui Jim lifestyle… my latest painting was inspired by seeing my familiar environment through new eyes with a new found level of clarity and vitality.” Lyon’s creative process features beautiful colors of Hawaiian flora that really ‘move him’ to create his masterpieces, hence each frame has the artist’s name next to the words “You Move Me” inscribed on the inside of the left temple. Of-course these sunnies would not be complete without Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2 lenses so you the wearer can experience the world for all its beauty. The silk collection frames were made on a limited edition basis so be sure to check them out before they are gone for good.

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