Punk Him 2 by Face A Face

Rock n' Roll!  This week I'm showcasing Punk Him 2 by Face A Face.PUNKHIM2-AT09-Front

These sunglasses, with their red plaid and silver studs,  have an edgy style and energy fit for Dicky Barrett of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Punk rock and ska all the way to the core, Punk Him 2 was created by actually layering plaid fabric in-between the front and back sections, made from zyl-acetate, giving the frame a depth and texture that just can't be matched with other techniques.

While wearing the frame I noticed that it felt light and comfortable while still offering good coverage. The lens has a brown gradient tint with a backside anti-glare coating. I also felt like doing a stage-dive, but as I was standing on level ground and there was no one around to catch me, I decided against it. The metal studs on each side are pretty cool, like someone rolled a couple of fours on a pair of dice. If you're punk then you have to have metal studs. That's just a given. Its a nice compliment to the plaid and ties the whole setup into a punk-rock X-mas kind of thing. If you're like me then trying on this frame will make you want to look for a matching suit and hat... just me? Fair enough. I'm still considering it anyway. Remember that guy from Police Academy? He knows what I'm talking about.

Face A Face also has several other styles with a punk aesthetic and attitude, some of which are more spiky and angular. I haven't been able to see them first hand, but they look fierce. Give them a look in some of the pictures in the gallery below. Like all Face A Face sunglasses; these awesome shades are hand made in Italy and are available now in our webstore. 

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