Free Rudy Project Stuff?!

ed26d21d-3b14-400d-90a9-6b87be97bd30TOTALLY! Yes, your read that right and your eyes are not deceiving you. Our rep with Rudy Project just told us about a promotion that's running for a limited time (until they run out), that when you spend $175 or more on Rudy glasses from us, you get a FREE gift. There are a ton of items to choose from: helmets, duffels, cycling jerseys or shorts, extra set of polarized lenses, or casual sunglasses! There's a super simple form to fill out (we have them in the store) and you just pay the S+H for the item you pick. They mail it to you and that's it!

Still have questions about how it works? Just call us or come in! We are always happy to hear from you or see you!


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