Fathers Day Eyewear Gift Guide

In this post I am going to highlight four possible eyewear gift ideas; a pair of sunglasses, eyeglasses, ready-made reading glasses, and ready-made reading sunglasses.  I will start with the sunglasses. Sunglasses.  One of the coolest sunglasses I have seen in some time now is the Vinson by Leisure Society, and dad is sure to agree! [caption id="attachment_16516" align="alignright" width="543"]Image Source: LeisureSociety.com Image Source: LeisureSociety.com[/caption] According to the Leisure Society company website this frame is "A vintage inspired “glacier glass” with reverence to the great mountain explorers who took on the ultimate opponent—nature. The round shape incorporates leather blinders at the sides, which protect the eyes by blocking the sun’s rays and harsh wind, similar to what would have been worn by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on their famous ascent up Mount Everest."  So far it sounds pretty freaking awesome, but we are not done yet.  The updates on this vintage inspired frame have been meticulously placed by Council of Fashion Designers of America designer Shane Baum.  The frame is made with titanium temples, jewelry hinges with attached riveted leather side shields, gold plating, and polarized CR-39 sun lenses to block all the harmful UV light and glare. I can tell you from testing that these are comfortable to wear and they completely block out all that bright light.  So whether dad wants to wear them on that ski trip to Vail, or take them while driving about town, his eyes will be comfortable and he will look good.  At $980, and worth every penny, this is a very nice gift indeed. If you are looking for other options in sunglasses for dad you might want to browse our men's sunglasses online, or shop our Utica Square store location where we carry eyewear from all of these brands.   Eyeglasses.  So what optical frame would be nice for dad?  I am calling on the Tom Davies model TD312 in black and red titanium. [caption id="attachment_14359" align="alignright" width="490"]Tom Davies TD312 - Black & Red Tom Davies TD312 - Black & Red[/caption] This color is fun and sporty, but the design is clean and professional.  So basically what I'm saying is that he can wear it to work or on the weekend watching the game.  The best part is that he can order this frame in just about any color combination he wants.  That means he can show his team spirit or dress it up for that more appropriate board room look.  All Tom Davies titanium frames are ion plated, which means the color of the titanium is changed to ensure a durable finish that is hard to chip and won't ever peel. [caption id="attachment_15943" align="alignright" width="504"]Wise-Guy-ZIR-side Wise Guy by eyeOs in color zircote[/caption] Reading Glasses.  So what if dad doesn't need prescription glasses, but he does need a little help reading print or that golf score card?  For the reading glasses I love the new Wiseguy by eyeOs.  This is a beautiful P3 shape that pays tribute to the May Optical P3 frame of the 1950's.  Designer Sam Kotob really nailed the color, shape, and distinctive front pins, and I noticed from wearing it that the keyhole bridge fits my average size nose perfectly.  This part of eyewear design can be a little tricky, but Sam really hit it out of the park with the Wiseguy.  The best feature of the eyeOs frames is the Hex-O-tech lens technology which is unprecedented in readers.  The lenses are aspheric and include a glare free surface, scratch resistant surface, UV protection, a hydrophobic coating, and an anti-fatique coating that will allow dad to read his computer screen without glare interference that causes eye stress and fatigue.  All of this is available for the amazing price of $89, which is pretty standard for most of the frames in the collection.  You can see the rest of the eyeOs collection that is available both in store or online here. Reading Sunglasses.  Maui Jim makes a fantastic polarized lens.  That much you probably already know.  But did you know they make a line of readers in their Hookipa design that includes an invisible bifocal on the backside of the lens? [caption id="attachment_16585" align="alignright" width="484"]HOOKIPA HOOKIPA[/caption] This one is perfect for golf, reading on the beach, or any other outdoor activity where dad will need to be able to look down and read something without removing his sunglasses.  At our Utica Square store location we stock both tortoise with the HCL Bronze polarized lens, and gloss black with the grey polarized lens in all available powers, which include +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50.  The Hookipa Reader is made of Grilamid, a light, durable polymer with extreme bending strength known for retaining its shape.  It is perfect for most outdoor activities.  The price is $229, which is a bargain for lenses that control the blinding glare and allow you to read. I hope you have a nice Father's Day, and that you found this review helpful if you are looking for a nice frame for dad.  If you still are not sure what to get we do offer gift certificates.

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