National Sunglasses Day!

The countdown is on for National Sunglasses Day! Wear your UV protective shades on Saturday, June 27th, and every other day to help keep your eyes healthy. According to a new report by the vision council, 1 in 4 Americans rarely or never wear sunglasses, leaving their eyes at risk. We know readers of this blog are smarter than that, and that's why we're always looking for ways to help you make sure that your eyes are protected. So we're offering a special of 10% off on all prescription or non-prescription sunglasses on Saturday, June 27th. To receive your discount just tell us 'Happy Sunglasses Day' and we will give you 10% off unlimited prescription or ready to wear sunglasses. UV Protection InfoGraphic2                

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I am a little surprised millennials are the least likely to report wearing sunglasses! I don’t know anyone in my circle like that… :-)

Daniel Brunson February 25, 2016

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