Choosing Perfect Frames

This post was originally published in the Tulsa World on April 15th, 2014.

When choosing plastic frames you always want to start with a proper bridge fit. This means that you want the frame to properly fit the bridge of your nose. The wrong fit will not be comfortable and the frame will not look as good on your face.

The second thing is to make sure the top of the frame follows your brow line nicely, and that the shape complements your jaw line and bone structure. In other words you want a frame shape that is flattering to your face shape. This does not mean that some people can only wear certain shapes, but for any person there will be a range of shapes that are more flattering than others. We call our custom made frames 'Bespoke' eyewear. When we custom make a frame we can ensure a proper bridge fit, eye size, and temple length.

Then we can choose a color that complements a person's natural coloring or expresses their personal style. It is a little like having clothing tailored to fit. A good pair of glasses will be worn a lot more than a suit or dress, so they should fit you perfectly.

-Daniel Brunson

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