Masunaga GMS-804SP Review


The GMS - 804SP by Masunaga is so freaking cool.  Of all the sunglasses in my personal collection this one seems to generate the most compliments.  The classic round shape is identical to the GMS-804SG, however with one small design change.  A titanium top bar has been added, which enhances the durability and the look.


In the optical world we seem to be living through a sunclip renaissance, and I have noticed that eyewear designers have taken note.  The top bar of the GMS 804-SP is strikingly reminiscent of the top bar of a sunclip.  I am really digging this look.  The Japanese engraving around the eyewire and along the length of the temples really completes the rich finished look.

The black and gold color is the only color which features lenses made on a zero curve...

All the colors are great, but my personal favorite and the one I wear is the black and gold.  The black and gold color is the only color which features lenses made on a zero curve.  In other words the lenses are completely flat.  This creates a very reflective surface on the front of the lenses that makes for a unique look.  I totally dig it!

I started noticing zero curve sunglasses about two years ago.  I am not sure exactly when and where this trend started, but I recently learned when talking to James Kisgen, owner of Matsuda Eyewear, that they used a zero curve lens design in one of their sunglasses about two and half years ago.  He was kind enough to stop in and hang out with us at the Hicks Brunson Eyewear store on his recent trip through Tulsa.  He and his rep Jeremy Diskin posed for a picture with me while they were here.

Matsuda JamesKisgen 2016

Left to Right: Jeremy Diskin (Matsuda Rep), James Kisgen (Matsuda Owner), Daniel Brunson

Just click here or on the picture of the model wearing the frame to shop the GMS - 804SP by Masunaga.  As I write this we have it in stock, but we do frequently sell out it and for a time is was hard to get.

Model: Len Gunn - Photo: Jamil Gotcher

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