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Interview Daniel Hakka1 ShareToday I interviewed Daniel, our Store Manager, for his thoughts on his newest pair of eyeglasses. Here's what he had to say: HBE: Which frame did you choose? Daniel: I chose the Hakka 1 by Face A Face. The color is black and blue/teal on the front. The temples are transparent blue. HBE: That's a great color combination. What made you decide on this particular frame? Daniel: I like the clean cut rectangular shape which compliments my face shape very nicely, but the colors are my favorite part. The blue color of the temples is so rich. HBE: Is this style consistent with your personal style, or were you widening your horizons with this choice? Daniel: The shape is very consistent with most of my personal collection, but the corners are more angular and the lines are a little harder. I think, for me, the bolder use of colors was a bit outside my norm. I am so glad I chose this color though because whether I'm in the store of out in public, people really respond to it. It makes for a great conversation piece. HBE: How does this style represent your personality? Daniel: It represents two sides to my personality. The shape is a bit studious and I love that about it since I am all about lifelong learning. The other side shows up in the eye popping colors which are very fun. I love wearing Hakka 1 to parties or any events where the vibe is fun or artsy. HBE: What is your favorite thing about this designer / collection? Daniel: Face A Face is one of my favorite collections from an artistic point of view. Art director Pascal Jaulent is a genius in working with colors. That is why the collection is one of the most beautiful to look at. It is truly eye candy. In fact I admire his work so much I took the opportunity last year at Vision Expo East in New York to record a short on camera interview with him. (Click here to watch Daniel's interview with Pascal) HBE: Does the name of your frame have a special meaning? Daniel: Most Face A Face frames have a story behind them. That's just the way Pascal creates. The Hakka was named after the Hakka dance, which is a ritualistic dance the New Zealand soccer team does before the game. Look it up on YouTube sometime. It's pretty entertaining. HBE: Interesting. I'll check that out. Thanks for telling us about your glasses. [caption id="attachment_19192" align="alignleft" width="624"]Daniel wearing Hakka 1 by Face A Face[/caption]

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