Alium Ray 2

The Alium collection by Face A Face has been blowing up lately in new colors and shapes, and this week I am taking a look at Alium Ray 2, which was co-designed by French Pole Vaulting champion Jean Galfione.  Ray 2 is a great shape for those of you who want an aviator without the deep tear drop look.  I have seen this frame on quite a few faces, and it looks great on so many people. 

I love the thick, dark black rims.  It’s the aluminum material that creates this nice raw look, and it is also the aluminum material that make it super light and comfy.  The benefits of making frames out of aluminum became more clear when I spoke to designer Pascal Jaulent about his collection.  He told me that aluminum is much lighter than titanium, or about twice as light as titanium.  Other nice features include adjustable nose pads to fit your nose properly and spring hinges that will comfortably the temples to your head.


And get this, these cool sunglasses are ready to wear!  They come equipped with glass polarized lenses, and a backside anti-reflective treatment so you won’t see all those annoying reflections in the back of the lens.  Just put them on and get out there and enjoy your time in the sun.     

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