Brera by Etnia Barcelona

[model: Brera Sun]

The latest frames from the Etnia Barcelona vintage collection are very chic and very nineteen seventies.  They're all very Boho Chic.  I have often written about my aviator addiction, and I find it amazing how many times designers can tinker with this classic shape in a way that pulls me in time and again.

The frame I am wearing is called Brera.  I love the subtle dip of the gold top bar over the bridge, and how the gold nicely compliments the black rims.  The temples were skillfully designed with Catalan Modernist motifs typical of Barcelona, which is a key part of the DNA of the brand Etnia Barcelona.  For those of you who are more into a much rounder aviator look, you are going to love the companion model Born also from the Vintage collection.  

[model: Born Sun]

The mineral crystal lenses from Barberini in Italy are photochromatic and feature a nice gold mirror.  The thing I love about putting mirrors on photochromatic lenses is that when the lenses darken in the sun the mirror intensity darkens as well.  Basically you get more mirror as the lens darkens.

  [model: Born Sun]

I loved this model so much that I got one for myself in my prescription in a Transitions Graphite Green lens that I am super excited about.  I will bring it right here to show and tell on Monday!       

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