Bocca Divine by Face A Face

The fifties and the sixties really gave us some sexy eyewear designs that are still with us today, and the cat-eye shape is one of them to be sure.  I don’t know if I can think of a time that I saw a cat-eye shape on a woman and it was not flattering to her face.  Just look at Marilyn Monroe pictured below. 

(Image via Limited Runs)

The cat-eye is already a sexy shape, and it just became a lot sexier.  How?  Enter Pascal Jaulent and his design studio at Face A Face in Paris.  Just take a look-see at the new Bocca Divine sunglass.  Jennifer is wearing the classic black and gold color. 

The blue and gold is another great color, and the temples on it are an amazing tortoise shell like configuration of red, orange, and blue.  The Bocca Divine is purely fun and purely Face A Face in every way.  So go ahead grab one of these for yourself and embrace your inner Marilyn Monroe.

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