Etnia Barcelona X Jean-Michel Basquiat Collab

Etnia Barcelona, which takes its inspiration from cultural movements, launched a new collection this year that was created in collaboration with the estate of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.  Sometimes the artistic passion and creativity that has been poured into a collection is so intense that I can feel it, and I felt it for sure when I tried these on when I first saw them in New York at Vision Expo East. 

I am thrilled that the entire capsule collection is now here at Hicks Brunson Eyewear.  There are four shapes in the collection and each one is available in three unique colors.  Each color is named for one of Basquiat’s most important works of art which include Glenn, Fallen Angel, and In This Case.  These iconic works were used to create printed designs on the inside and outside of the temples. 


In the picture above I am wearing model 04 in color YW featuring Glenn.  The Barberini mineral crystal lenses are brilliant.  The optical clarity is perfect because all of the lenses in the Basquiat collection are made of mineral glass from Barberini in Italy.  The YW Glenn color I am wearing with the gold mirrored lenses feature photochromic technology, which means they will darken in the sunlight keeping your eyes protected at all times.  I absolutely love it.   

Now for a little history on the artist who inspired this beautiful collection from Etnia Barcelona.  Jean-Michel started as a street artist and became famous at 20.  In New York in the 80’s he created works that tackled themes like racism, politics, and social hypocrisy.  Paying tribute to three of his important works, Etnia Barcelona has created three frames that each feature one of his works printed on both the inside and outside of the frame.  All three styles feature the signature Basquiat crown on the right temple and over the left lens on the front of the frame.  This crown which appears frequently in his early work is a signal of his understanding of art history according to   Artists would use their monarchs to symbolize their own majestic powers, and he used the crown symbol to continue the tradition in his own way. 

Below are three of his works that inspired this beautiful frame collection.

Fallen Angel (1981):

In This Case (1983):

Glenn (1984):

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