GMS-805 by Masunaga Optical Is Timeless

This week I am taking a closer look at the GMS-805 by Masunaga Optical.

Gozaemon Masunaga was the founder of Masunaga Optical in Fukui, Japan.  The G.M.S. series of frames are styles that pay tribute to the designs made by the company during the first years after Masunaga Optical was established in 1905.  G.M.S. stands for Gozaemon Masunaga Spectacles.    

I love the rich history of Masunaga Optical, and I love that they are a four generation company just like we are here at Hicks Brunson Eyewear.  My great grandfather Hicks G. Brunson founded our company in Tulsa in 1929.

The GMS-805 is a classic metal and acetate design that very eloquently shows off the artistic talents of the Japanese craftsmen who made it.  The metal bridge and hinges are engraved titanium, and the antique gold color flows in perfect harmony with the dark and light brown shades of the acetate rims like a song.

The spirit of the design of the GMS-805 has endured through the ages to be sure.  Fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent donned a similar looking design in the mid 1950’s that was artistically captured in a now famous photograph by Irving Penn.       

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