Tom Davies Hamburg Review

This week I am taking a look at model 30709 which is new frame from the Tom Davies Hamburg collection.  It is a wonderful German inspired look from my favorite British eyewear designer.

The form is pretty simple really.  It is very clean and very angular with soft corners.  The black front color gives it a nice edgy look, but as is the case with well-made luxury frames it’s the details that make all the difference.  Tom perfected a design he calls double block titanium, which allows him to layer two pieces of titanium together for the frame front.  This model has a nice iridescent purple color on the inlay of the front.  It shows up in a subtle way when the light catches it from just the right angle. 

When it comes to the fit I give this model high marks in comfort.  The thin flexible titanium temples gently hug the back of the head rather than fit behind the ears to hold the frame in place.  The soft rubber temple tips grip the skin make this design work so well. 


As with all Tom Davies frames you have the option to have yours custom made directly to fit your head.  Our opticians will take millimeter perfect measurements of the width of your head at various areas to tailor the perfect fit.  This service also allows for you to choose from a wide range of color options.  Our opticians will work with you to select a color that compliments your natural coloring.  I have had many a frame made to fit my head and I will tell you that these are among my favorites in my personal collection.

When you try on a Tom Davies frame the craftsmanship is evident.  The skilled master craftsmen must train for ten years before working at Tom Davies. 

Click here to shop the Tom Davies collection in our online store. 

If you are in or plan to be in the Tulsa area you can call at 918-743-6478 us to setup a Bespoke consultation.

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