Marty 1 by Face A Face

“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.”  - Jean Cocteau

What does the frame shape you wear say about your personality?  If you are a business professional you want to convey confidence to your coworkers and clients.  This can be achieved nicely with conservative shapes such as rectangles and ovals in neutral color tones. 

If, however, you are an architect or a creative person such as an artist, then you may want to show off your creative side with bolder and brighter frames.  Historically the round shape has been closely associated with architects and creatives of all types.  For the former this trend can be traced back to Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier.  John Lennon famously wore a round wire rimmed frame. 

This week I am looking at a brilliant new round frame called Marty 1 by French eyewear design house Face A Face.  Marty 1 has a very large keyhole bridge, which I absolutely love.  The color I am pictured wearing is black on top and gradually fades to a rich dark tortoise shell.  For those wanting a heavier bolder look this frame is nice, but still very wearable as it follows the brow line nicely.  The temples are thin and feature spring hinges with make for a very comfortable fit. 

For those of you looking to soften up the color and play if a little safer we also stock the lighter tortoise shell color.  You can almost never go wrong with tortoise shell.  It is always in style goes with everything. 

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