Masunaga GMS-816

I’m totally feeling the round love that is happening in frame design right now.  Round has been making a comeback for some time, and styles like the new Masunaga GMS-816 capture this movement beautifully.  Let’s call it a round Renaissance. 

The GMS-816 is a little bit like the normcore look without the boring.  For those of you not in the know, normcore is just a blah look that dates back to the 90’s that really makes no statement or create much of “look” of any kind.  It isn’t big and colorful or cute and cat-eye shaped.  It's just sort of there.  In eyewear design it usually manifests in the form of a thin metal round frame, but I digress.

The GMS-816 is made of plastic and titanium.  The plastic front is nice and thin, while the titanium temples are quite thin as well.  I love the size.  It is larger than most of the round shapes I have seen recently, but not too large.  The keyhole bridge is always a nice touch on a round shape. 

We stock two very nice shades of tortoise to suit your coloring.  Remember you can never go wrong with tortoise shell.  It is a great neutral color. 

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